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Denali National Park & Preserve is full of activities that can keep you busy for hours or weeks. While summer is the most popular time to visit Denali, winter offers many recreation and sightseeing opportunities. Here at Denali, we encourage you to take a moment to learn more about this area -- then start exploring.


Day Hiking

Day Hiking in Denali can include anything from a leisurely stroll along a river bar to an adventurous hike to the top of a mountain. Denali for the most part is a trailless wilderness. You will find short trails at the entrance of the park, shown on the map below, and near Polychrome Overlook, Eielson Visitor Center, and Wonder Lake.

If you're looking for more than a stroll, don't worry. Visitors are allowed to hike almost everywhere in the park, over tundra, through the taiga, up river bars, and to the tops of mountains. Hike with a ranger or on your own, and find out more about hiking in the backcountry or by ranger led hikes and walks.

For more information, visit the Hiking Page.


Cycling is a great way to see Denali National Park and get some exercise at the same time. Visitors are allowed to bike all 90 miles of the road. Off-road biking and biking on trails are strictly prohibited. Concessionaires of the park offer shuttle bus service into the park, and camper buses have spots for a maximum of two bikes on a space available basis. Using the camper bus allows you to travel deep into the park for a day trip. Motorists generally show courtesy to cyclists and do their best to avoid "dusting" them by driving very slowly on the often times dry, dusty park road.

Cyclists need to keep in mind some special considerations -- there are no repair stations along the way so please plan to fix your own flats and other common problems. Also, make sure you carry water or have a filter or potable aqua tablets to make water from streams and rivers safe to drink. Obey all area closures and treat wildlife the same as if you were on foot. Remember that off-road biking is not allowed in the park. Plan for many types of weather at any time in the park. Sun, rain, hail, wind and even snow are all possible in the summer.

REMEMBER: Always stop for buses and bears. Put a foot down to indicate to drivers that you are stopped


Denali National Park is not noted for its fishing. Most streams and lakes have a high glacial silt content resulting in poor fish habitat. However, for those willing to scout out the occasional clear creeks and ponds deep enough not to freeze solid during the winter, a few fish may be caught. Lake trout are occasionally caught in Wonder Lake and grayling inhabit some of the clear streams running in the park.

No state license or permit is required in the former Mount McKinley National Park, known as the "old park". An Alaska state fishing license is required in the 1980 park additions and preserves, and state regulations and limits apply.

In the "old park" catch limit per person per day is 10 fish, the catch shall not exceed 10 lbs and one (1) fish. The catch limit for lake trout (Mackinaw) per person per day is 2 fish, including those hooked and released. Possession of more than one (1) day's limit of catch by one person at any one time is prohibited.

More fishing information.


Denali National Park & Preserve offers a world class setting for photography enthusiasts. From beginner to professional, photography is one way to capture the beauty and immensity of Denali. Professional photographers might be interested in Denalixs Professional Photography & Artist Program. For the rest of us, a few basic tips can make photography in Denali that much more enjoyable.

Denali's weather varies considerably, so come prepared with proper clothing and equipment. Also be considerate; for many visitors this is a once in a lifetime trip. Please do not interrupt other visitors viewing these animals. Observe animals from appropriate distances.

More Activities

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