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Horseshoe Lake Hike
Mount Healy Overlook Trail
Taiga Trail
Rock Creek Trail
Jonesville Trail
Savage River Trail
Savage River Bar Trail
Savage Cabin  Trail
Eielson Stroll
McKinley Bar Trail


Horseshoe Lake Trail

.7 miles one way, 1.5 hours round trip

Starting on the Taiga Loop Trail, and joining the Horseshoe Lake Trail at the railroad tracks, explore this jewel of a lake in an oxbow of the Nenana River. It is an easy-to-moderate hike rewarded by spectacular views and signs of wildlife.

Mount Healy Overlook Trail

2.2 miles one way, 3-4 hour round trip

This 1,700 foot climb offers spectacular views of the Denali National Park entrance area, the Nenana River valley, and alpine ridges. Climb all or part of the way for a real adventure close to the park entrance.

Taiga Trail

1.3 mile, 45 min.- 1 hr.

Explore the subarctic forest ecosystem on this 1.3-mile trail. Look for flowers in early summer and berries later on, and keep a look out for moose. Extend your hike by connecting with the Horseshoe Lake Trail.

Rock Creek Trail

2.3 miles one way, 2 hours one way Description: Enjoy an upland forest hike through beautiful stands of spruce and birch. This trail leads to the Park Headquarters and Kennels area and connects with the more moderate Roadside Trail. Have a nice hike to or from the Sled Dog Demonstration.

Jonesville Trail

0.4 miles

This trail leads to the business district outside the park top.

Savage River Trail

2 mile round trip, 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.

Head downstream into the Savage River Canyon for a sample of Denali's plant, animal, and scenic features. A bridge allows for a return trip on the opposite side.

Savage River Bar Trail

0.2 mile loop

Head down the west side of Savage River to the edge of the river. Enjoy exploring the river's edge and be on the lookout for animal tracks. This trail is ADA accessible.

Savage Cabin Interpretative Trail

0.3 mile loop

This is a short loop with wayside interpretive information that leads past a historic cabin.

Eielson Trail

approximately 45 mins

Explore the tundra with a ranger on one of the short and easy trails in the vicinity of Eielson Visitor Center. Topics vary from plant and animal adaptations to area geology to early mining history.

approximately 4.4 miles - roundtrip

Trail starts at the Wonder Lake Campground and continues south towards the McKinley River.


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