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 Arches National Park

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Visitor Center
Open All Year

8am to 4:30pm

(extended hours
spring through fall)


  Arches National Park features over 2000 natural sandstone arches, the most well-known of which is Delicate Arch.  The park also features a variety of unique geological formations and resources, including exposed faults revealing millions of years of geological history. Arches is a place of vibrant colors, landforms and textures.

Containing the greatest density of natural arches in the world, Arches is the result of the forces of nature.  Following millions of years of deposits and erosions, these geological processes continue at work today, as evidenced in soil chemistry and water flows.

Situated in a high desert, the elevation in Arches ranges from 4085 to 5653 feet above sea level.  The climate is harsh, ranging from hot summers to cold winters, and largely devoid of rainfall.  Temperatures can vary as much as 50 degrees within 24 hours.

Plants and animals are hardy, able to survive in extreme conditions.  Some species found in Arches National Park do not exist elsewhere. 


  Image courtesy of National Park Service.




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