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 Crater Lake National Park

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  Day Hikes

Crater Lake National Park contains more than 90 miles of hiking trails. Many of these trails may easily be hiked in a single day. This brochure lists some of the more popular options, organized according to the estimated time necessary for completing the hike. Note that the steep terrain around Crater Lake means that the time, length, and difficulty of our trails are not directly related. Times given are estimates of how long it will take to complete the trail and return to the trailhead.

Difficulty listings are broken into four categories: easy, moderate, difficult, and strenuous. Trails listed as strenuous should be taken only by people in good physical condition.

Summer Backcountry Use

With 100 miles of hiking trails, Crater Lake National Park's backcountry offers many opportunities for solitude and exploration. Preservation and enjoyment of the backcountry depends on your careful and considerate use. Please observe all backcountry regulations, and try to incorporate minimum impact suggestions into your trip.

While on your backcountry trip, why not set a goal? Try to leave as little human impact on the environment as possible. This will ensure everyone the opportunity for solitude and a quality experience.


Each year, increasing numbers of cyclists come to Crater Lake National Park to ride around the lake on the 33-mile Rim Drive. The route is physically demanding. Steep hills at high elevation may encourage even the most fit riders to pause at many of the road's thirty overlooks and pullouts. The payoff, however, is spectacular scenery, seen at a pace that few visitors choose to take enough time for.


All waters within Crater Lake National Park are open to fishing unless otherwise indicated. No Fishing license is required within the boundaries of Crater Lake National Park. The season is May 20 through Oct 31; however, see Lake Regulations below. Fishing is allowed in the park from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. All waters are restricted to use of artificial lures and flies only. No organic bait of any kind can be used in Crater Lake National Park. This includes live or dead fish, power bait, and fish eggs or roe.

Scuba Diving

SCUBA divers in Crater Lake National Park face special challenges. For the dedicated diver, however, the lake also offers a unique experience. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and one of the clearest fresh water lakes in the world.

Keep in mind that Crater Lake is accessible for divers only from about June 15 through September 15 of each year due to our extreme snow conditions. Earlier or later dives may be possible, but cannot be guaranteed due to the variability of our weather.


Information on camping is available here.

Winter Activities

Information on winter activities (including ski trails, snowmobiling, and backcountry use) is available here.




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