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  The hub of development at Crater Lake National Park is concentrated in Rim Village. The historic Crater Lake Lodge (extensively remodeled in 1995 after a 6-year closure), Sinnott Memorial Overlook, Rim Village Visitor Center, and Gift Shop/Cafeteria are all located at Rim Village.

The views of Crater Lake from the Rim are certainly the highlight of Rim Village. A path follows along the Rim from Discovery Point to Crater Lake Lodge (2.6 miles round-trip). An extension of this trail proceeds from Crater Lake Lodge to the top of Garfield Peak (3.4 miles round-trip). Walking a portion of any of these trails affords the visitor views of Wizard Island, The Watchman, Hillman Peak, Mt. Thielsen (located outside of the park to the north), Cleetwood Cove (located at the base of the North Rim, nearly 6 miles distance), Mt. Scott, and Garfield Peak. A short walk to Sinnott Memorial, with a small museum and ranger-talks during the summer, gives a spectacular view 900 feet down to the lake's surface. Information may be obtained and books may be purchased at the Rim Village Visitor Center, with daily ranger talks during the summer meeting at the flagpole.

Winter lasts for eight months at Crater Lake National Park. At an elevation of 7,100 feet, snow lingers long into the "summer". While access to the Rim Village is open year-round, most of the facilities are buried under the 533 inches of snow Crater Lake receives each year (on average). The Rim Village Gift Store/Cafeteria are the only services open in winter. Ranger-led snowshoe walks are offered on weekends and holidays.

Visitor Services in the summer:

  • Rim Village Visitor Center
  • Sinnott Memorial Overlook
  • Rim Village Picnic Area
  • Crater Lake Lodge
  • Rim Village Gift Shop/Cafeteria (open year-round)



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